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Last updated: Sun 6 Mar 2022 / Total number of resources: 25

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Learn German through lessons that progress by topic/difficulty.course / appfreeyesyeslearner
A subreddit where you can post writing and receive corrections.writing practicefreeyeslearner
Courses from Deutsche Welle, ranging from A1-B2 on the CEFR scale
15 online German lessons for beginners; also a page with children's stories (with audio)
Online German courses, articles etc. Range from beginner - advanced.
Wikipedia in German - more than 2.5 million articlesreadingfreeyesnative
Four German courses: German FAST, German Programmed Introduction Course, German Headstart, German Basic Course. Somewhat old-fashioned but huge.
Several German courses, military focus (but still useful); somewhat out of date.
German courses teaching CEFR levels A1-B2.coursefreeyeslearner
Teaches 512 words in their basic course.coursefreeyeslearner
Have their own German courses (with video) but also hundreds of user-made decks of vocabulary/grammar etc.
course / app / flashcardsfreeyesnolearner
Podcast from Deutsche Welle.podcastfreenolearner
Podcast for German learners of all levels.podcastfreeyesnolearner
Podcast that features slow news reports for German learners.podcastfreenolearner
Podcast from Deutsche Welle.podcastfreenolearner
Comprehensive German-English dictionary with over 1.2 million entries. Also available between German-other languages, but usually with fewer languages.
German-English dictionary that features phrases from around the web. Over 1 million entries, also features German-other languages.
German-English dictionary; also features German-other languages.
Monolingual German dictionary.dictionaryfreeyesnative
Learn German by learning sentences and their translations, flashcard-style. Features over 20,000 sentences for German.
app / flashcardsfreeyesyeslearner
German courses teaching CEFR levels A1-B2.coursefreeyeslearner
Portal with German language resources. (Some resources have a cost, but many are free.)
Interactive lessons from the US governement that deal with a range of topics.
Overview of German grammar.grammarfreeyeslearner
YouTube channel that has videos in German with subtitles in English and German. Usually conversations with natives on day-to-day topics.

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