Mandarin Language Resources

Haikou, Beijing

Last update: Fri 20 August 2021 / Total resources: 13

namedescriptionformatpricepremium option?requires internet?type of material
DuolingoLearn Mandarin through lessons that progress by topic/difficulty.appfreeyesyeslearner
WriteStreakCNA subreddit where you can post writing and receive corrections.sitefreeyeslearner
WikipediaWikipedia in Mandarin - more than 1.2 million articlessitefreeyesnative
FSI ChineseSome parts of this course are out of date, but a free resource and this link provides a few notes on what to look out for.pdf / mp3sfreenolearner
DLI ChineseSeveral Chinese courses, including readers; military focus (but still useful); somewhat out of date.pdf / mp3sfreenolearner
MemriseHave their own Mandarin courses (with video) but also hundreds of user-made decks of vocabulary/grammar etc.appfreeyesnolearner
Peace Corps ChinesePeace Corps Mandarin course, with audio; may be out of date.pdf / mp3sfreenolearner
plecoComprehensive Mandarin-English dictionary.appfreenolearner
MDBG Chinese DictionaryComprehensive Mandarin-English dictionary.sitefreeyeslearner
China Edu Center Lessons32 lessons covering the beginning stages of learning Mandarinsitefreeyeslearner
Shared Anki decks - ChineseList of decks people have shared to help others learn Mandarin.downloadfreenolearner
Chinese Grammar WikiA wikisite that comprehensively covers Mandarin grammar by level (CEFR/HSK).sitefreeyeslearner
Chinese Pronunciation WikiA wikisite that comprehensively covers Mandarin pronunciation.sitefreeyeslearner

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