Here will be a list of all the books I’ve read as a part of the Super Challenge 2014-15. It should start filling up! 😉

German — Deutsch

  1. Die Bücherdiebin – Markus Zusak (the last 197 pages)
  2. Die Tribute von Panem: Gefährliche Liebe – Suzanne Collins (400 pages)
  3. Harry Potter und der Orden des Phönix – J.K. Rowling (1,015 pages)
  4. Die Tribute von Panem: Flammender Zorn – Suzanne Collins (430 pages)
  5. Ein Gutes Omen – Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett (450 pages)
  6. Die Bestimmung – Veronica Roth (480 pages) [My commentary: Kapitel 1-3 | Kapitel 4-6 | Kapitel 7-9 | Kapitel 10-12 | Kapitel 13-15 | Kapitel 16-18 | Kapitel 19-21 | Kapitel 22-24 | Kapitel 25-27 | Kapitel 28-30 | Kapitel 31-33 | Kapitel 34-36 | Kapitel 37-39]
  7. Die Rebellin – Trudi Canavan (543 pages)

Mandarin — 中文

Spanish — Español


  1. Nice list. I’ve read almost everything in English except for Good Omens. I dunno why I am so lazy to read it but I heard it’s good. I hope someday my German will be good enough for me to be able to read novels. 🙂

    • Ahhh, Good Omens is my favourite book, I love it so much! <3 It's also the one where I noticed the most differences between the original English and the German translation, but that's just because I've read it so much haha. And your German will definitely get there! Starting with something that you still enjoy but is a little easier does help – I've been learning German for ages but I still stick to YA novels a lot because I know that the language isn't too bad and the writing is designed to keep you hooked. Good luck with your German 🙂

      • Dankeschön. 🙂 I will definitely read Good Omens this year so that someday I can read it in German, too. Now you got me really curious about it. 😀

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