100 Days Left of 2019! 😱

100 days left of 2019: My Language Learning Plans

There are only 100 days left in 2019, whaaat?! That in mind, I thought it might be a good idea to set myself some goals for my language learning—though I’m going to have to watch out for how busy this part of the year gets!

It’s true, as of today, there are only 100 days left in 2019. Honestly, where does the time go? It seems like 2019 only just started—but there’s really no time to dwell on all that. I’ve got a busy few months ahead of me, but I want to get some goals achieved in the final part of this year so that I’m feeling accomplished going into 2020!

I’ve already set myself a basic time goal for the next 100 days; an average of 30 mins per day for my main three languages (German, Mandarin, Spanish) and 15 mins per day for the other two (Korean, French). French is going to be key until the 15th December, as I’m trying to achieve my FLC goal of hitting A2, but that’s basically almost the entire time anyway, so 🤷🏼‍♀️.

100 Days Left of 2019 SpreadsheetSpreadsheet format shamelessly stolen from marie39’s log on the language learner’s forum.

This is the spreadsheet I’ve set up to track this time (yeah, I’ve already watched some TV in Mandarin—I’ve started 锦绣未央 on Netflix); it really shouldn’t be too difficult to hit all these goals, especially since I’ve made it easier on myself by giving myself an overall time goal instead of insisting on hitting a certain number of minutes per day. Since I’m going on holiday for two weeks in October, plus I’ve got my birthday, a friend’s wedding, Christmas, etc., I know I won’t hit a certain number of minutes every day. I’ve got to keep myself semi on track, but I can miss a day here and there.

(Not for Mandarin, though. I’ve studied every single day this year and the only reason I don’t have full marks for the 365-day language challenge is because one day I didn’t hit 30 minutes. It’s going so well!)

I did originally set myself some CEFR goals for the rest of the year, but I think I’m unlikely to hit those—and I’m not pushing to. Again, the only one that is important is that French goal, which is also the most achievable.

I’m also working hard at the Super Challenge and though I think I’m also unlikely to meet all my goals there, I’m definitely going to have watched enough stuff for Mandarin (I’m 86% done now!) and I’m hoping to hit the regular books goal for German. Once I’ve got better wifi at my new place, too, I’m going to get on top of watching other stuff; right now I’m having trouble getting on Netflix and though Prime is good (and for some reason is working better?) it doesn’t let me change languages the way I want to.

Aside from my language goals, I’d like to get this blog a little more active and up-to-date—with my new job, although I’m writing a fair amount there, I definitely have time for this. I want to write more about what I’m watching for the Super Challenge (because honestly there are very few people I know in real life who care as much as I do about melodramatic historical Chinese dramas 😂), fun things I’ve discovered… anything and everything. So keep your eyes peeled for that!

Does anyone else have any goals for the next 100 days? Share them with me! I’ll be looking for some new ones once we go into 2020 anyway! 😉

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