6 Week Challenge – February 2014 Halfway Point

Hi, all! I’ve been a bit hit-and-miss with the posting recently; mostly because even though it’s the beginning of my second semester, I’m still super busy. The joys of final year, and all that…

Today’s post is just me chatting a little about how the last three weeks have gone with me learning Spanish. I’ve certainly seen some progress.

So first of all, time. I’d clocked just under 15 hours by the end of the 21st February, which is pretty good going, I think. The most I’ve achieved for a whole 6 Week Challenge is about 12 hours I think before this point, so I’m doing well.

Also a bonus: not all of that is me sitting around watching TV (though that’s a large part of it). I’ve been watching Aguila Roja (as I mentioned last week), but I’ve also been trying to do one Assimil lesson per day and I’ve been using Anki and Memrise to help me learn vocabulary.

My plan for the next three weeks is to be a little more active with my learning. I still have work due for university of course, but I want to try and clock more hours (if I could add 20 hours to what I already have, I’d be happy – and that seems pretty achievable) and I want to try practicing more active skills, namely writing and speaking. I’m probably going to use lang-8 for writing, but as for speaking – I have no idea as of yet. I’m trying to read the Assimil dialogues out loud to improve my pronunciation, so I’ll see how it is in three weeks’ time 😉 .

Probably the sort of post I’ll have at the end of this challenge (sometime in mid-March) will be similar to this one from Sinirastas; a check-point of sorts, with an article or dialogue. We’ll see how it all goes though.

For now, I’m relatively happy with my progress. I’ve spent very little time on Russian since right at the beginning of January, but hopefully once I get a decent level of Spanish (by April/May or so), I can focus more on that language again. This challenge is definitely helping me to boost that Spanish level in the meantime – and with the added pressure to log all time spent on languages with the twitter bot, it’s boosting my other languages too. Win-win all around! 🙂

Is anyone else out there taking part in the 6 Week Challenge with me? How’re you all doing?

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