A quick note about the A to Z Challenge…

Alright, so I’m wholeheartedly looking forward to the A to Z Challenge. I’ve watched some of the films already, my list is done – but I’ve hit a snag. 

See, I’m currently on a train to Hamburg. Obviously I knew this in advance and I tried to prepare accordingly, but life got the better of me a little. I have my A post up and scheduled to go – but I didn’t get around to writing any of the others!

I am still doing the challenge. I get back home on the 7th April and I’ve watched the films for B, C and F and have notes on all of them. With any luck, I’ll get another post up before then. I doubt it but I will try. 

If not, however, I just wanted you all to know I am still in this. My posts are not going to be as succinct as I would like and I’ll probably spam a lot of posts from the 8th-11th (ish) but I don’t plan on giving up on this. I’m too excited about it. 

The same sort of goes for visiting other blogs too – though I will have a lot more opportunity to do that while I’m away. Just expect a lot more activity from me when I’m back, I guess. 

Aaaaand I have managed to prep my commentary on the last three chapters of Die Bestimmung for tomorrow. So that will be done on time. Let me know if you enjoyed that and what books you’d like me to go through in the future. I mean, I’ll pick a book if no one tells me but it would be nice to get feedback. 🙂

So that’s more or less it. Have a nice Easter, if that’s your thing – and I’ll be back in April. 

Tschüss! 再见!¡Adiós!

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