GCSE German #006: Topics – Free Time (Freizeit)

Hello everyone! Yet another Monday is upon us, so it’s time for a little more German practice. We’re focussing on a specific topic again this week, namely free time. So let’s dive right in, shall we?

GCSE German 006

Again – there will be a few activities for each skill related to this topic. As far as topics go, I think this is one of the most interesting ones, because it’s a chance to really get into what you’re interested in. You’ll also always find opportunities to talk about your hobbies in the future, so it’s good practice too.


BBC Bitesize – Free time activities [foundation] [higher]: Again, this is all pretty straightforward. Remember that the BBC Bitesize website also has reading, speaking, writing and grammar exercises, so it’s a good site to have bookmarked, particularly as we head later into the school year.

DW.com – Audiotrainer Lessons 41-50: There are lots of different podcasts here that make up the Deutsche Welle Audiotrainer course, but lessons 41-50 cover the topics ‘Orientation and Leisure Activities’ as well as ‘Disco, Travel, Holiday and Sport’. These should cover the basic vocabulary you’ll need for these topics.


Deutsch Perfekt – Bücher: Wer liest was und wie?: Another article from Deutsch Perfekt, this time about books. It’s labelled as leich(easy), so it shouldn’t be too difficult to read and it’s not too long.

Auf Deutsch – Sport: Die EM in Berlin: For all you sports fans; this article is from 2012, but it’s about the European Championships, so it might be of some interest to some of you. There are some underlined words that help with grammar points, too. Check out the rest of this website for other articles; they’re designed for GCSE level students.


nthuleen.com – Arbeitsblatt: Bücher und Filme: This covers some vocabulary you’ll need to learn if you want to talk about films or books, but it also has some questions about the kinds of books you like at the end. There are six questions and you only really need to write a few sentences for each, so it shouldn’t take too long. (Here’s the answer sheet, if you need it.)

German Resources – Free Time: So if you click on the links here it downloads the worksheets as word documents; the seventh one down is called ‘Free Time Writing’ and it has some questions that you can write answers to. Remember to try and get your answers checked if possible!


Topics for conversation: This is a document that’s been uploaded to help with GCSE tutoring, but you can use it for your own purposes too. If you scroll down to page three, then there are the leisure questions – there are different questions depending on the grade you’re aiming for, but even if you’re just starting, begin with the grade E-G questions and then work your way up!

Okay, that should do it for this week! Next week will be a little different, so look out for that. See you then!

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