Happy (end of) February!

I’ve been meaning to get this post up for a while.

Basically, January was a weird month for me, studying-wise. None of my weekends were free (by choice), so that meant I had to try and hit all my goals in the week – which I am notoriously, terribly lazy about. I made a lot of statements here about what I would and wouldn’t do. Some worked, some didn’t.

Here’s what I learnt:

  • Taking on however many challenges I tried to take on for January didn’t really work. I don’t think I logged any tadoku pages (though I did read – it’s hard to log kindle pages) and I was half-hearted about the rest of the challenges too.
  • I said a while ago that I was trying to spend 100 days intensively studying Spanish, but that has really not panned out either. Oops.
  • I did try to use German quite intensively – and still do – but there are some problems I’m having that I’m going to address another time. However, I have been using it more than I used to, so I am still kind of proud of my progress.

February has been a little better, but not much.

Still, the one thing to remember always is that any work is better than no work at all. Yes, try and be consistent. Yes, try and spend time on your hobbies (whatever they may be) when you can. But literally anything is better than nothing. Nothing is just that.

I’m coming to accept that now, which is nice. I’m also beginning to flex my conversational muscles a little again (in German here in Austria and in Chinese with some friends online), which is helping me to rebuild some sorely needed enthusiasm.

I’m also still trying to power through with Spanish – I’ve been using a Teach Yourself Complete Spanish book (that I picked up really cheap) and I am enjoying that. I might also be learning a little Slovak on the side. 😉 I just couldn’t resist!

I’ve also spent some time thinking about what I might blog about for the April A to Z Challenge (which I have signed up to take part in) aaaaaaaaand I have an idea for a weekly feature I’m going to start here later this week.

It has something to do with books.

Anyway, how are you doing? Getting on with your languages? Don’t forget that the six week challenge is running through February and the first couple of weeks of March – so we’re only halfway through; there’s still time to join in. I’m in about 43rd place, I think.

I hope everyone’s enjoying February – and looking forward to spring! 😀

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