New Year’s Challenge: Progress Report #004

Hi, guys! So as I’m a little late on this post (apologies), I guess it’s probably better if we just dive straight in. I hope you’re all having a great Monday!

New Year's Challenge Progress #004 | 学习Sprachen

Time period covered: 10.02.2016-19.02.2015

So, as usual, my goals from the last update:

  • Finish five more Easy Japanese lessons. – Uh yeah, I didn’t manage this. I finished one lesson and I did all but listen to the audio for the next; and then I fell off the bandwagon. It’s not that I’m lacking motivation just for Japanese – I’m still finding it difficult to get into a studying mindset for any of my languages, and I’m not quite sure what’s wrong. I’m going to lower this goal for the next ten days and see if I can get out of this slump.
  • Write five sentences in Japanese and put them on lang-8 for correction. – Yes, I did this! Finally! I now have five sentences I can use in Japanese (you can read them here) and – embarrassingly, I wrote こんにちは wrong. That wa/ha thing is messing me up still when it comes to typing…
  • Find and follow five Twitter accounts that tweet in Japanese. – I didn’t do this; I just completely forgot about it. I am following a few already (JapanesePod101, Self Taught Japanese, and Tofugu, to name a few) but I’m going to search for some more this week.
  • Find and follow five Instagram accounts that are about Japanese. – Yes, I did this! I got a comment on the last post that gave me some advice and since then I’ve had Japanese-learning accounts pop up in my recommendations. It’s really cool because Instagram is usually used to teach words or short phrases, so I can note them down for later. (Reminder: I have a new Instagram under the name xuexisprachen!)
  • See if I can find an audio-based course to use as reinforcement. – I did have a look for this, but it kind of got abandoned. However, I found these sites/articles: Japanese Audio Flashcard Lessons and 9 Awesome Japanese Podcasts for Accelerating Your Learning. I have not used the audio courses/podcasts recommended, but the articles look like good starting points. This article also looks promising in general: 100 Excellent Language Lessons on YouTube; I don’t use YouTube for language learning that often, but this seems to provide a good starting point for exploring that more.

Something pretty cool did happen this last ten days though – after I wrote the last post and talked about how I wanted to include the “multi-track” approach in my learning, I went looking for some real Japanese. I ended up back on the NHK World website as they have an area for easy news. I had a look at the headlines and then I took one and spent some time (no longer than 20 minutes, I don’t think) working out what it said and how it all fit together.

And I did it! I got some new words and I read my first real sentence, yay!

First Japanese sentence! | 学习Sprachen

So, what are my goals for the next 10 (well, eight) days?

  • Finish up to Easy Japanese lesson 12 (so the end of lesson 10, lessons 11 and 12).
  • Find and follow five Twitter accounts that tweet in Japanese.
  • Find and begin using an audio/video course for Japanese (aka YouTube counts).
  • Clock a study time of at least 20 mins a day (so 2h40 total).
  • Take some time to refresh the hiragana and katakana alphabets.

And the links for today:

Let me know how your learning is getting on! And if you know of any Twitter accounts that I’d find useful, let me know those too please! 😀


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