New Year’s Challenge: Progress Report #009

Hi guys! Well, not only is it Sunday, it’s also the first of the month (hello May!) so it’s time for me to have a look at my Japanese progress for the last week and outline what I want to do now.

New Year's Challenge Progress Report #009 | 学习Sprachen

Okay, so I actually wrote a lot about my Japanese (lack of) progress on Wednesday; I’m therefore not going to re-hash that. However, if you saw my post yesterday, then you’ll know that another 6WC is upon us! I’m going to be trying to update my log on the Language Learner’s Forum more frequently to keep myself on track throughout this challenge, though I’ll still be posting here every week.

But anyway, I have chosen Japanese as my target language for the challenge, so I think I should make a fair bit of progress this time around. Now, I didn’t really achieve my goals from Wednesday, but that doesn’t matter. A new month is time to get things done, right?

With that in mind, my goals for Japanese for May are:

  • Start using an SRS system to learn new words. – I think this will be a great help; I haven’t really done it for my other languages in a while and it means I’ve gotten a little out of practise, but I think SRS systems are a pretty low-maintenance way to learn words. Plus, I love them. I do, however, think I’m going to use Anki and create my own deck rather than using Memrise, at least for now.
  • Log at least eight hours of study for the 6WC. – I think eight hours is probably my average 6WC study time, so this should be achievable. We’ll see how it goes, of course.
  • Make sure I practise all four skills. – I have a tendency to just do my lesson for the day and leave it at that. I need to play with the language a little and I definitely need to practise speaking.

For this week in particular, I’d like to:

  • Set up my Anki deck (20-100 cards). – I’d like to log the words from the Easy Japanese lessons at the very least.
  • Do a couple of Easy Japanese lessons. – I want to look at some of the old ones again and check I’ve learnt things well, so if I don’t get new lessons done, that’s okay – but I’d like to.
  • Finish the hiragana section of the MLC workbook. – A bonus would be to get started on the katakana section. I think this is pretty doable.

It’s a little more hectic this month because of all the challenges that are starting (and I’m only really using Japanese for the 6WC), but at the same time, there are a lot of public holidays in Austria, so I should have some more free time. We’ll see how it goes.

Is anyone else taking part in any challenges this month? Let me know! 😀

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