Weekly Language Learning Goals – Week Eight: Scaling Back

Weekly Language Learning Goals - Week Eight: Scaling Back

Hey everyone! So I’m currently at the end of a nice (well-deserved, if I do say so myself!) long week off work—and though I didn’t hit all of my goals this past week, I did manage some, as well as giving myself some time to relax.

Although I had a productive week and all, I still need to look into scaling those goals back a little more this week. I’m going back to work and there are lots of events coming up (birthdays, etc.) so I know I’m not going to have as much free time. I don’t want to put a lot of pressure on myself to get a million things done in each language, either, because that’s just going to not make it fun—and it being fun is kind of the point at this stage.

So, anyway, how did I do on last week’s goals?

German: Read 250 pages; study grammar for two hours. – I read, well, a lot of pages in German this week. As I’ve written over on my other blog, I’m currently taking part in the Manga Madness Readathon, and I’ve managed to get through a fair few volumes in German. For the Super Challenge, however, I have to divide the actual number of manga pages I’ve read by five (because they aren’t exactly text-dense, which wouldn’t be fair on the people reading novels; I get it), so overall I’ve counted 311 pages this week. If I counted the actual physical pages, it would be 1,475! What! Sadly, I didn’t meet my grammar goal (managed an hour), but I’m not so worried since I managed to smash through all that reading.

Mandarin: Watch two TV episodes; complete reviewing up to NPCR 1 L9. – I watched the TV episodes, but didn’t manage to finish those reviews.

Spanish: Read 50 pages; study three lessons from the Living Language – Again, thanks to manga, I read 62 (310) pages in Spanish this week. I only managed one Living Language lesson though.

Basque: Review one Assimil lesson. – Nope, didn’t do this. 🙁

Polish: Study for fifteen minutes. – Yessss, managed this one. I think I mostly did LR (I do need to be more consistent with that though), but also reviewed some vocab on Memrise.

Korean: Do one Pimsleur lesson per day; study for five hours total; watch two TV episodes. – I didn’t manage a daily Pimsleur lesson, which was no real surprise to me, though I think I got through a couple more. I did study for five hours (just over, actually) and I did manage to watch two more TV episodes! Yay!

Okay, so what about this week’s goals?

German: Read 445 pages. – This will take me to the equivalent of 25 ‘books’ (1,250 pages) for the Super Challenge. I am aiming for a double challenge, but I think hitting this milestone will help motivate me some more.

Mandarin: Review two NPCR lessons.

Spanish: Watch 70 minutes. – This will take me up to 1,000 minutes watched for the Super Challenge, which is like 11 ‘films’, so nothing special except it’s a nice round number.

Basque: Review one Assimil lesson.

Polish: Study for fifteen minutes.

Korean: Watch two TV episodes; study for four hours. – I’ve given myself two Korean goals because it’s still my focus for the 6WC, but they are kind of low-key.

I’ve got a short post planned to reflect on my experiences in the LangJam later this week, but suffice to say I had a really good time dabbling in a new language again!

Hope everyone’s having a good week!

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