6WC November 2015: Progress Report #007

Hi guys! Well, we’re past the halfway point of this challenge now and although I’ve been busy, I think I’ve gained a little bit of momentum again the last few days. Let’s see if that lasts…

6WC November PR 007

Time logged to date: 3658 minutes (60 hours, 58 minutes)
Time spent learning Slovak: 964 minutes (16 hours, 4 minutes)

Okay, so I’ve not done much in the last three days, but I have managed to bump up my time spent on Slovak a little bit, so that’s good. I’ve finished Colloquial Slovak lesson eight, so from today I’m going to start working with Krížom krážom. I did the first unit of that textbook a few months ago, so I’ll skim through that quickly and then move on. I had a quick look at the book yesterday and I already like it – in eight lessons of Colloquial Slovak I’d learnt about the past, present and future tenses but never touched on numbers, but Krížom krážom deals with numbers within the first few lessons, which is actually useful! So I’m excited to get started with this.

German’s been pretty good too; I’ve already read through the next part of Kind 44 and oh man, I am enjoying that book. So much mystery! A friend also recommended a YouTube channel to me, so I might spend some time watching videos, as I still haven’t found a TV show that I am really compelled to watch.

Which is different to Mandarin of course, but I haven’t managed to work on that these past few days. I was supposed to study Mandarin on Monday but I was at work all day (I didn’t work all day, but I find it really strange to sit in the staff room and study random languages, so I just read a little) and then I went to see the new Hunger Games film in the evening, so I had no time! 🙁 Hopefully I’ll have a little time tomorrow or Thursday to watch a few episodes of 花千骨 and to finish up that last text in NPCR 4.

I also didn’t really “study” Spanish yesterday, but I did watch another episode of Águila Roja, which again, I am enjoying immensely. I’m not sure if I’d watch historical drama/action/romance shows in English, but I certainly seem to love them in other languages. Obviously if I want to hit my goals from the halfway post, then I need to study, but it’s nice to just listen to some Spanish and see which words/phrases I can pick out. (Comparing what I understand on my own to the translation is fun, too!)

My friend is coming to visit tomorrow until Monday, so I don’t think I’m going to do much studying those days (which I have already factored in, but still). I am hoping to still get a post up, but if I don’t, then I don’t. She does want to maybe visit Bratislava though, so we’ll see how that goes. I’ll have time to read, at least!

I think this is one of my shorter posts, but that’s it for now! As always, I hope your learning is going well! 🙂

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