GCSE German #011: Topics – School (Schule)

Hi guys! I’m back again, and it’s time for another post to help you through that GCSE in German.

This week we’re looking at another topic, this time school. School, as a topic, is going to be one of the most useful you’ll learn – at least for the next few years. After all, it’s probably where you spend most of your time, right? So with this one, don’t worry about running out of things to talk about or write about because that’s not that likely to happen. 😉

GCSE German 011

Now, this topic is also supposed to cover your future plans – but don’t worry if you don’t know what they are yet! No one cares if you lie in your exam; they’re not going to come back in ten years and tell you off for not doing what you said you would, so if you have no idea what you want to do after this summer or in two years or whatever, then just make it up.


Languages Online – Meine Schultasche – Was hat Ralf?: There are a lot of activities under each module on this site, but this is a speaking activity related to common classroom items. I really recommend revising these if you don’t already know them!

deutschdrang.com – Schule: I think I’ve linked to this site before and there’s a lot on there, but for school they have a fill in the gaps exercise with a techno Smurf song? I have no idea what the song is like, but it looks fun and listening to music can be a nice break, as well as helping you to learn! You have to scroll down a bit to find this activity; the worksheet downloads as a word document.


Deutsch Perfekt – Eine Schule auf See: Another short article from Deutsch Perfekt; it’s supposedly leicht so you should be able to get through it fairly quickly!

german.tolearnfree.com – Meeting in a school: I’m not sure about this website, but it seems like almost anyone can make a quiz and upload it. This is a reading comprehension activity; you have the answers and have to choose the questions from a drop-down list.


nthuleen.com – Arbeitsblatt: Im Klassenzimmer: Some vocabulary that you’ll use if you need to talk about items that are around your classroom. The answer sheet is here.

Write an answer to this question (100-150 words): Was hast du gestern in der Schule gemacht?


Answer the following questions (source):

  • Was ist dein Lieblingsfach? Warum?
  • Wie fährst du zur Schule?
  • Genießt du, zur Schule zu gehen? Warum (nicht)?
  • Wer ist dein LieblingslehrerIn? Warum?
  • Was denkst du über Hausunterricht? (homeschooling)

That’s it for this week! I’ll be back again next week with something a little different – we’ve only got one more topic left until we’re done with them anyway.

Until next week! 🙂

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