Weekly Language Learning Goals: Week Four – Readathon Time!

Weekly Language Learning Goals - Week Four: Readathon Time!

Okay, I’m back today for another fun goals post—don’t worry, the blog is going to have a little more about it come February.

I’m going to do a quick look at last week’s goals (and whether I achieved them), then the goals for this week and something a little extra I’m doing this weekend!

So, last week’s goals:

German: read to 75% of Stormbreaker – Done! Managed to get through that 25% in a day, in the end. I am excited to finish the book and start something new, but I am enjoying it too.

Mandarin: maintain my 365-day challenge streak; watch another episode of  他来了,请闭眼 (Love Me If You Dare) – Done and done! I’ve done at least 30 mins of Mandarin every day and I’m now up to episode eight of the show, so I’m getting through it at a good pace.

Spanish: watch two TV episodes; read 30 pages – Well, I managed the reading, at least. I forgot to watch anything in Spanish and then didn’t have time (my Netflix was in use), but I started reading manga in Spanish when I realised YA books were just tiring me out. Manga’s great for this, since it’s basically all dialogue, so I’m having fun re-reading some I read in English ages ago.

Basque: review one Assimil lesson – Done! It didn’t take me too long, either, thankfully.

Polish: do two Pimsleur lessons; finish Living Language Lesson One – Didn’t manage either of these, boo! I thought I might get the Pimsleur lessons done on a run but I’ve been listening to (English) podcasts instead.

Korean: study more of Integrated Korean Beginning Level One, Lesson One – Didn’t do this, either. I have signed up for the 6WC with Korean, though, so this is one to work on.

What are my goals for this week?

I ended up putting together my goals a little later than I wanted to this week (like a day later, it’s fine), some of which was down to the ridiculous hours I’ve been working, but some of which was down to what I knew was going to take up all my weekend…

I’m reading.

All weekend.

Literally me all weekend. Minus the hat. Maybe.

Basically, what I’m doing is taking part in the 24 in 48 readathon, where you have to read for 24 hours out of 48. I’ve written about this in far more detail on my other (newer!) blog where I’ve posted my TBR list and outlined what I’m hoping to achieve by doing this—aside from an increased page count. You can read that post here: #24in48 Readathon: TBR and Helping the Kitties

Look at that cat and its giant ears! I want it! *sobs in cat lady*

Obviously, that means my weekend is not going to be flexible in terms of time, so I have to cram some language-learning in there somewhere.

So, I’m going to read. Specifically, I’m going to have reading goals in German, Mandarin, and Spanish (being as they’re also my Super Challenge languages), and I should power through those. Hopefully.

Anyhow, here’s this week’s goals:

German: read the equivalent of two Super Challenge books (100 pages). – I’ve got one on my TBR (Sinner’s Creek) and another couple as back-ups.

Mandarin: maintain my 365-day language challenge streak; read the first volume of 钢之炼金术师 (Fullmetal Alchemist).

Spanish: watch two TV episodes; read the equivalent of one Super Challenge book (50 pages). – I’ve got both the Ouran High School Host Club and Fruits Basket mangas lined up for this, yay!

Basque: review one Assimil lesson.

Polish: do one Pimsleur lesson. – Gotta start eeeeeeeeeven lower with some of these goals.

Korean: review dialogues from Integrated Korean Beginning Level 1, Lesson 1; come up with a loose ‘study plan’ for the 6WC.

Aaaaaaaand I’ll be back with that study plan next week. If you’re interested in following my progress with the readathon this weekend, then I’ll be doing an updates post on the other blog, as well as sharing stuff on twitter. One day (hopefully soon), I’ll do an entire readathon with non-English books—the ultimate goal! 😛

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  1. Well done for achieving so many of your goals this week! I am looking forward to seeing your study plan for Korean. Also, good luck on the reading challenge – it sounds like great fun!

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