Weekly Language Learning Goals: Week Three – Time to Watch Some TV

Well, I’m back a couple of days later than I’d hoped, but I’ve had my goals ready since Tuesday and I’ve been working on them, too.

First, though, a recap of last week and what I achieved (or not).

German: read 25% of Stormbreaker – I didn’t achieve this. I read some of the book (and I read some mange in German, too), but not as much as I’d have liked.

Mandarin: maintain my 365-day Language Challenge streak – Did this! Involved lots of app use, some textbook refreshing, and some watching of TV.

Spanish: watch two TV episodes – Did this! Smashed it, even; I watched seven episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine last week. I’m still using English subtitles, but sometimes if I look away, I can understand what’s happening.

Basque: review one Assimil lesson – Didn’t do this. Thought about it, but that wasn’t quite enough to get it done, sadly.

Polish: do two Pimsleur lessons – Didn’t do this, but I did study a little of the Living Language Polish textbook instead. So, y’know, it wasn’t a complete loss.

Korean: study Integrated Korean Beginning Level 1, Lesson 1 – Did this, kind of. I didn’t say how much I wanted to study—I did around forty minutes and covered the first two conversations. I never specified last week how much I wanted to study, so this counts.

What are my goals for this week?

So this week I’m trying to keep my learning light and fun (I don’t want to blow it this early on in 2019), though I’m incorporating some serious studying for those beginner languages. I need a good foundation before I can do anything else with them! For my more advanced languages, I’m adding in some TV-watching to make it interesting.

German: read to 75% of Stormbreaker – I’m at work more this week so that should give me moments here and there to read the book (I read at home, obviously, but it’s difficult to find time to sit and read when I feel like I should be doing other things).

Mandarin: maintain my 365-day challenge streak; watch another episode of 他来了,请闭眼 (Love Me If You Dare) – This show is kind of great—it’s a bit like China’s version of Criminal Minds. I’m only four episodes in but can’t wait to watch more.

Spanish: watch two TV episodes; read 30 pages – I only managed 17 pages last week and I’ve not got a chance of reaching my Super Challenge goals at that pace! 30 pages shouldn’t be too much of a stretch.

Basque: review one Assimil lesson – This really won’t take too long, I just need to do it.

Polish: do two Pimsleur lessons; finish Living Language Polish Lesson One – Again, shouldn’t be too difficult, so long as I find the time.

Korean: study more of Integrated Korean Beginning Level One, Lesson One – I’m not going to force myself to finish this lesson this week, but I am tracking the overall time I’ve spent on it. That should give me a better idea of how long each lesson will take me, and therefore how long the textbook will take. I’m excited with Korean to move onto other things.

That’s it for my goals this week! I should be back earlier next week (like, Tuesday or very possibly Wednesday) with my goals again and then I’m going to try and post about other language-related things too.

What are your language goals for this week? Or this month, even? I hope you’re all still on track!

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